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Monday, December 14, 2009

Auction Results!

The results for the Emily Jones Auction are finally in.

The auction ended on Saturday, and between all 100 or so items, $5,820.50 was raised! What a great display of Christmas spirit - some of the women who donated items had cancer and were receiving cemo-therapy treatments, but still found the time to make something for this great cause. Others who purchased items, paid way above retail value, and when they received their bill for the items won, paid double their total, etc.

Thank you so much for everyone who participated in this - you're awesome!

They are even thinking of making this a yearly ordeal - next year you can nominate a needy family in your neighborhood, and if chosen, all of the proceeds from the auction will then go to that family.

As for J Crafty Designs - we donated 3 items, a cute Christmas onesie with matching crochet headband and hairbow, a cute leopard print flower hair clip, and a crochet headband with 2 flower clips. Alone we raised $40.00 at the auction! Thank you so much to those that purchased these items! :)

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