Rose Bouquet 3 Column

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cutie Winner #2

This weeks cutie contest winner is Brooklyn!! Who looks totally adorable in our black crochet headband and matching daisy clip!!

Congratulations Brooklyn! You've won $20.00 worth of J Crafty Designs product, and will be the newest face of J Crafty Designs!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cutie Contest Week #2

- Brooklyn

From Tammy

From Tammy

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our First Cutie!!!

I'm pleased to announce our first cutie!!!!
This weeks winner is Katie D!
Katie has won the $20.00 gift basket full of J Crafty Designs accessories, AND is our first cutie to be posted on our website!!!

But, all of our contestants were so cute, that it was hard to just pick one winner! So, there is a little twist this week, everyone is a winner!!!! :)

2nd runner up - Jennifer R. (who's cutie will be the face of our rose flower hair clips) - she wins 2 flower clips and 2 headbands!

3rd runner up - Brooklyn P. (who will be the face of our daisy flower hair clips!) - she wins a flower clip and a headband!

Best Diva - Whitney C. (who will be the face of our peonys & headbands!) - she wins a 2" daisy clip and headband!

Best Smile - Reagan (who will be the face of our peony flower hair clips!) - she wins a peony flower clip!

Prettiest Eyes - Jenna (who will be the face of our 2" daisy flower hair clips!) - she wins a free daisy clip!

Thank you so much everyone for participating, and be sure to send in new photos for next weeks contest!!! :)

(Everyone please e-mail me with your addresses so I can get these things shipped off to you!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Cuties!!!!

Jenna #2


Reagan #4

Reagan #3

Reagan #2

Reagan #1

From - Katie D.

Brooklyn P.

From Whitney C.

From - Jennifer R.

The first cutie winner will be announced Friday, April 23rd! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

J Crafty Designs Cutie Contest!!!

J Crafty Designs is looking for a few cuties!!!

Beginning Monday, April 12th, J Crafty Designs will be having a cutie contest!
We need a few fresh faces for our online website, in store promotion photos, online advertising, and more!

- How to enter -
Purchase anything from J Crafty Designs online at, or in stores - The Gift Barn in Twin Falls, located in the Lynwood, right next to Subway, then take a picture! It doesn't have to be professional, but those are accepted too. The cuter your cutie, and the more J Crafty gear she/he's sporting, the more likely they are to win!!!
(To be eligible to win, they HAVE to be wearing something from one of our shops in the photo!)

What do they win?
Each cutie chosen will receive $20.00 worth of J Crafty Designs gear, and will be featured on our blog, website, in stores, advertising pieces, and more!!!

You may enter as many times a week as you would like, but it has to be a different photo each time. I will be posting the cuties on our blog throughout the contest so everyone can see all of our contestants. Just e-mail your photos to - winners will be chosen every Friday at noon through May 7th! The first winner will be chosen Friday, April 23rd!! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

NEW Items!!! Baby Shower Favors!

These are our NEW, cute little baby shower favors!

They are sold exclusively at the Gift Barn in Twin Falls!
(Located in the Lynwood, right next to Subway.)

We have cute washcloth cupcakes, washcloth lollipops with sticks or baby spoons, onesie cupcakes, onesie and washcloth bouqets, baby sock cupcakes, blanket and washcloth candies, and more!!!

Each cupcake has a cute little crocheted cherry on top, and each item is wrapped prettily in either tulle or cellophane, tied with matching ribbons, and each has a cute baby tag for easy gift giving!

We have some for little boys, little girls, and even neutrals for surprise babies!!!

These are big hits at baby showers! Everything a mom needs and wrapped so cute!!

All of these pieces sell for $6.00 and under!!! You can't beat these prices!!! :)