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Monday, November 2, 2009

NEW - Boutique Style Crochet Headbands with Large Pinwheel Hairbows

NEW! - Boutique Style Crochet Headbands with Pinwheel Hairbows.

These are our new Crocheted, elastic headbands with Large Pinwheel Hairbows attached. These are absolutely adorable!

The best thing about these is there are 3 wears to wear each one! #1 - Wear the headband by itself, #2 - Detach the hairbow and wear it by itself, #3 - Wear them together! And if you purchase more than one, then you can trade out the headbands and bows so you can match any outfit!

They come in all sorts of fun colors - if you don't see the color combination you want, we take custom orders!!!

These are on sale for $3.00 a piece right now. (Regularly $4.00).

Check them out here:

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