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Monday, April 27, 2009

NEW! Soaps for Kids!!

These are some very fun new soaps I've made lately. First off we have the peeking fish. It's a squirting fish swimming in a pond of glycerin soap. These are $2.75 each.

Next, we have our black/purple, glittering mystery soap - the mystery is, which glowing animal, insect, or reptile will it have hidden inside? These are $2.25 each.

Then we have our "stuffed" crab. This is a block of glycerin soap with a crab "stuffed" inside of it. These are $2.50 each.

Now we have our slimy (glittery) reptile soaps. This one just happens to have a slimy snake inside - but they can have a lizard or a frog. These are $2.50 each.

Last, but not least, we have our pirate soap. This is glycerin soap with pirate coins stuck inside, just waiting to be taken. These are $2.50 each.

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